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Cats ... we love 'em!

Click on these photos for some cute pictures of our guys!

Here are some pictures of Annie!

annie4.jpg (145184 bytes)
There she was, minding her own business, when there was a rumor of a spider (gasp!) in Heidi's bathroom! Being a good watch cat, Annie went to investigate ....


 annie5.jpg (81762 bytes)     
Where, oh, where is the spider?

 annie6.jpg (92412 bytes) 
Trusty Annie will find it!

 annie8.jpg (95494 bytes) 
... or will she?

  annie7.jpg (86547 bytes) 
   Well, we'll never know!

annie9.jpg (215258 bytes)
Because ... it's nap time!

And here are some shots of TC!

 tc4.jpg (146136 bytes)
T.C. also heard the rumored spider sighting.

 tc5.jpg (158720 bytes)
But ... being the intelligent cat that she is ...

tc3.jpg (147000 bytes)
She figured Annie could take care of the "situation" while T.C. contemplated world peace and other weightier topics such as when are they going to feed me again?

The end.

For now!  Watch this space for the continuing adventures of Annie and T.C. updated weekly.

p.s. The spider lived happily ever after ... and Heidi's very afraid.